is the “Click” added to the “brick and mortar” domestic maids related services of licensed employment agency, Jobuzz Consultants (Lic. No. 97C4834). Combining the efficiency of B2C and web technologies in the new economy with the experience and strength of a brick and mortar, ‘old economy’ business, would be the ultimate portal for the recruitment & employment of domestic maids.

To create a common place or a One-Stop Internet Hub where all activities related to the recruitment & employment of domestic maids take place and in a high tech, computerised web-enabled environment.

How it works?

By allowing maids suppliers to supply trained maids, and potential maids employers the function to search, shortlist and select a maid online, has not only provided the right medium for online domestic maids recruitment, but has also linked to reliable service providers like insurance, medical, etc, for the eventual completion of the whole hiring process.

Suppliers has brought in maid suppliers from the country of origin (source country) to be part of us. The suppliers would recruit, train, prepare and make necessary arrangement for the domestic maids for their eventual employment in Singapore.

Licensed Employment Agency

Jobuzz Consultants has a valid license obtained from the Commissioner for Labour. Jobuzz Consultants is available to provide assistance to all users and potential employers in matter pertaining to recruitment and employment of a domestic maid such as maid selection, work permit application and all other necessary documentation required in bringing the maid into the country.

Potential Employers/General Public

Potential employers and general public can use the portal to search, short-listing, and select a desired maid provides potential employers the freedom to select the maid of their choice at their own time and convenience and at the comfort of their home, hassle free. would provide a step-by-step guide to assist the employer for the online selection process.

Other services providers has also linked to reliable service providers to complete the whole maid recruitment process. The services provided includes Personal Insurance for domestic maids, Insurance Guarantee, Medical check-up, documents submission to MOM, photo taking and thumb printing services, etc.

Services not directly related to maids’ recruitment like remittance services, air ticket, home leave processing, renewal of passport etc are also available. Features

Maid Search Engine’s on-line maid search facility allows the users/employers to search from a large pool of available domestic maids.

Life databank’s databank is ‘life’ as all the maids in the databank are available. All selected maids are filtered from the system and in no case under normal circumstances will there be desired maids found job or not available.

Maid Block (reserve)’s ‘Block’ feature allows potential employers/users to ‘block’ or ‘reserve’ a maid for further consideration. Reserved or blocked maids are maids put on hold by a particular user so that no other users or employers can select the particular maid during the reserved/blocked period.

Other Value-added features

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  2. Classified Advertisement.
  3. Forum
  4. Your Opinion

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