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Does Hiring a Maid Worth My Money?

Each week, a typical house owner spends several hours in cleaning the house and doing all the household chores. If you are itching to leave the house to attend a reunion with your long-time friends but you are being held back by the pile of dirty clothes and dishes, you need to hire a maid. But, does hiring a domestic helper in your house is worth your money? Here are some factors to consider:

Calculate the overall cost
It will depend on the housecleaner or the agency that you have talked to but a typical maid will cost around $20 per hour. It’s not as expensive compared to hiring a cleaning service that will just clean your house per session. However, if you tend to increase the responsibilities of your maid such as taking care of the kids and pets, doing all the extra work, and becoming your cook at the same time, they might increase their rate reasonably.

Count the number of parties and events that you’ve missed
There are some homeowners that cannot leave their house because of the responsibilities of being a parent and a house owner. Count the number of parties and rare social events that you have already missed. It cannot be denied that a maid can clean faster than you are because they are professional in cleaning and they know exactly what to do. Therefore, hiring a maid will not make things easier and household chores are done faster. You can also attend all the parties and events that you wanted to without worrying about the dishes when you get home.

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Ask recommendation from your friends
You will always have a friend or two who have their own maids at their house. Ask them if hiring a maid is worth the money. Personal recommendation is a must especially if it’s your first time hiring a maid. They will most likely share their experience in having a maid in their house and based on their experience, you will be able to answer your own question if their services are worth your money. If they found their maid convenient and reliable in their house, you will too. If you need maid agency like Maidcity help, our maids database include maids from Myanmar, maids from Philippines, maids from Myanmar and even maids from Indonesia!

Create a list
Before you let them work, create a list of the things that you’d want them to focus while working in your house. For instance, if you wanted them to focus on taking care of your pet or making sure that the garden is well maintained, you should negotiate with your maid then so that you can cut the costs of the services that you won’t need. Your maid will most likely work for what you really need and want, so it is important to create a list.

Not everybody needs a maid. But if you think that household chores are already stressing you out, then you should really consider hiring one. What’s the harm in trying? You may find your life getting easier with their presence around the house.

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