A) How to register with www.maidcity.com.sg

Registration using email address


1. Go to www.maidcity.com.sg


Click REGISTER and select your role




2. Fill up your details and provide a valid/active email address as you will need to verify it later.



3. Once your are done, Click REGISTER.




4. You will see the following verification message. Login to your email and click the email link to verify your account.



5. After you have verified your email address, LOGIN with your email & password.



6. Upon succeesful login, you will be able to see your name appearing at the top of the screen.


Registration using Social Media such as FB and G+


1. Make sure you are logged into your social media account (FB or G+)


2. Go to www.maidcity.com.sg






3. Select your Social role (either FB or G+ depending which is preferred)


4. Click the icon of the social media selected and you will be automatically logged in.


B) How to fill up Biodata 

After you have successfully registered & logged in, you will see your name appearing at the top. To fill up the online biodata click GENERATE BIODATA.


Fill up your personal details and upload your photo.


Take note of your REF NO (Maid id) as you will need it whenever you want to follow up/enquire on your application.


Answer questions related to your medical history.


Please select “Yes” or “No” accordingly Also select your preference for resday.


For the Skills of FDW.


Please check the box “ Based on FDW’s declaration, no evaluation/observation by Singapore EA or oversea training centre/EA”.


Scroll to the right whenever you see this message “Scroll right to view the content of this table”


Please answer questions regarding your skills & experience


Indicate if you are willing to accept the duties mentioned and also rate your skills/experience from 1-5 where 1 being weak and 5 being very good.




Cooking/Language Abilities/Expected Salary


1. Select the type of cooking you can do. Provide the names of 10-15 dishes that you can cook.


2. Rate English skills. You can also add in other languages/Dialect you can speak.


3. Indicate your Expected Salary in Singapore Dollars


If you have working experience, please check ‘YES’ and fill up the working details accordingly otherwise check ‘NO’.


Click the GREEN “+” button to add another work record (another employer).


Indicate your preference of work where ‘5’ being the most preferred while ‘1’ being the least preferred.


Indicate any special educational attainment of special skills you have such as Nursing Aide, Graduate in Early Childhood Education, etc in the “Special Mention” field.


Applicant contact details.


Make sure you provide all the important and necessary contact details so that you can be contacted easily. Most importantly please do provide your phone number, whatsapp number and Facebook Username.


1. You can provide more then one phone number & email address


2. You can also provide any other social media ids such as LINE, Whatsapp, IMO, IG, WeChat etc


3. For Facebook, please provide the Facebook username. Example of a user name is: www.facebook.com/Angel2288 . (to check your username, go to www.facebook.com/settings)


4. For the Referrer Details – fill the details of the person who referred you to our agency. Leave this blank if no one has referred you.



Employment History.


For this section just check if you had any previous working experience in Singapore.


The rest of the details will be completed by the Agency


You have just completed your biodata, please hit “Submit” to submit the biodata to the Admin who will then contact you to verify information.


If your biodata is accepted, it will be  made avaiable online.


1. Once your biodata has been successfully submitted to the admin, the word ‘ADDED SUCCESSFUL’ will appear at the top of the page


C) How to contact/chat with us 

We may contact you regarding you biodata via CHAT.


Click EDIT PROFILE on the on main page.    


We may also call you, whatsapp you etc ,so provide your contact details.



You will be directed to this page where you can check your status & click CHAT MESSAGE to check the messages.


Click ANGELINE ID-217 (our Customer Service Account) & leave your message us your messages. We will revert back to you ASAP.


D) How to check your status

To check your biodata status, go to homepage click GENERATE BIODATA.




Click on the button on your top left hand corner.



Click BIODATA & you can see the BIODATA STATUS link.


If your biodata status is “LIVE”, it means your biodata have been approved.


You may also check your profile on our website by SEARCHING your REF NO.


You can see your profile appearing on our page.


E) How to report an error ?


To report an error or to give us a feedback, just click on the “Feedback” tab that is made available at the bottom of all the pages in our website.


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