1. How to Search Maid?

  • Click on “Maid Search” button. Enter search criteria, and then click on “Search”.
  •’s search engine will match your search criteria with the maids’ biodata available. Summary of maids will be shown.
  • To view the full biodata, click on the Maid’s photo.

2. How to short-list Maids?

  • To short-list the maids, check the box on the right side of the desired maids.
  • Repeat for as many maids you like. You can go through page by page to shortlist.
  • When you are done, click “Add to Maid List’ to put your desired maids in a short-listed basket. This will take you to your Maid List.

3. How to reserve Maids?

  • Before you reserve any maids, you have to perform a search and shortlist desired maids.
  • To reserve maids, check “Block” on the right side of the desired maids and hit “OK”. Reservation is done and it is only for two days.
  • After the reservation, you will be brought to an identification screen.

4. What should I do in identification screen?

  • Fill up all the required particular and hit “Save”. Your user ID and password will be switched to active automatically and you may log in with the ID and password to continue your hiring process.

5. How to login to proceed with the hiring process verification?

  • Enter the username and password submitted on your verification form, and then click on “Login”.

6. How to view my reservation status after I login again?

  • Once you login, your reserved maid and their status will be shown.
  • You can confirm or un-block the maids in your reservation list.

7. How to select/confirm a Maid?

  • You can confirm the maid you have reserved when you login. If you do not want to confirm the maid you have reserved, you can search and shortlist the maids again, and then confirm one from your Maid List.
  • To confirm a desired maid, check “Confirm” next to the maid and hit the “OK” button.
  • You will be required to choose how you would like to continue the hiring process.

8. How to select a hiring plan?

  • Upon selection/confirmation of a maid, you will be brought to a screen where the basic plan and additional items are shown.
  • Simply select the basic plan and any additional items (optional) and hit “OK” button.
  • Your selected maid and the plan will be shown. To confirm, hit the “OK” button. If you want to re-select the plan, hit the “Cancel” button.

9. How to do Work Permit application?

  • After you confirm the plan, you will be brought to the employer information form.
  • Complete the form and hit “Save” button. will handle the application on your behalf using the information you have provided.
  • Work Permit application will take 1-3 working days. will get in-touch with you for the application result and the arrangement of your Maid arrival schedule.

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