Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Ref No: 2157
NameSiti Azizah
Age01/02/1995/26 years old
Height156 cm
Weight54 kg
Marital StatusSingle
EducationHigh School (SMP)
Number of ChildrenN/A
Off-days2 (day/month)
Expected Salary$580

Maid Introduction

* Take note that this information is generated automatically and should only be taken as reference and not to be solely relied on when hiring a maid.

Siti Azizah, Ex-Singapore from the Indonesian. She has experience in general household work like cleaning,laundry,ironing etc., she is responsible, confident and trustworthy. She Speaks English, Bahasa Indonesian . She's can cook chinese dishes. She is good with babies. She is good with children. She is good with elderly. 

Medical History/Dietary Restrictions

Allergies (if any)
Physical disabilities
Dietary restrictions

Past and existing illnesses (including chronic ailments and illnesses requiring medication):
1. Mental illness
2. Epilepsys
3. Asthma
4. Diabetes
5. Hypertension
6. Tuberculosis
7. Heart disease
8. Malaria
9. Operations
10. Other

Food Handling Preferences


Areas of WorkWillingnessExperienceAssessment / Observation
Rate your skills: 1 = weak & 5 = very good
Care of Infant/Children N/A
Please specify age range:
Care of Elderly N/A
Care of Disable N/A
General Housework N/A
Cooking N/A
Type of Cooking: Chinese
Name Dishes: Fish curry, Chicken Curry, Fried Rice, Fried Mee Hoon, Steam Fish, Mee Goreng and other simple Chinese Food
Language Skill: English
Language Skill: Bahasa Indonesian

Additional Information

Areas of WorkWillingnessExperienceAssessment / Observation
Rate your skills: 1 = weak & 5 = very good
Child Care
Care of newborn baby (0-3 months) N/A
Care of babies aged (4-12 months) N/A
Care of children (1-5 years) N/A
Care of children (6-10 years) N/A
Care of children (Above 10 years) N/A
Care of child with special needs N/A
General Housework
Operate washing machine N/A
Operate gas stove N/A
Operate vacuum cleaner N/A
Operate microwave oven N/A
Ironing N/A

Work Experience

Name of Employer (1):N.A
Date (from − to):08/05/2019 - 14/05/2019
Country of Work:Singapore
Nationality / Race:China
Language Used:English / Chinese
Type of House:HDB
Members in the family:4
Starting / Last Salary:$550 /$600
Age of Children / Elderly:4 / 60 - Grandma
Off day(s) given:2 off day in a months
Duties in detail:Take care children, housework, laundry and ironing
Reason for leaving:Employer went back to China (Shanghai) for good

Preference of work

Care of babies
Care of children
Routine housework
Care of elderly