Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Ref No: 743
NameBanchiran Melanie Fernandez
Age22/03/1989/33 years old
Height149 cm
Weight52 kg
Marital StatusSingle
ReligionRoman Catholic
EducationVocational (2 yrs College)
Number of ChildrenN/A
Off-days1 (day/month)
Expected Salary$0

Maid Introduction

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Banchiran Melanie Fernandez, Au Pair from the Philippines. She has experience in general household work like cleaning,laundry,ironing etc., she is responsible, confident and trustworthy. She Speaks English, Mandarin . She's can cook chinese, filipino dishes. She is good with babies. She is good with children. She is good with elderly. 
She Completed 2 years course in Computer Science . 

Medical History/Dietary Restrictions

Allergies (if any)
Physical disabilities
Dietary restrictions

Past and existing illnesses (including chronic ailments and illnesses requiring medication):
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2. Epilepsys
3. Asthma
4. Diabetes
5. Hypertension
6. Tuberculosis
7. Heart disease
8. Malaria
9. Operations
10. Other

Food Handling Preferences


Areas of WorkWillingnessExperienceAssessment / Observation
Rate your skills: 1 = weak & 5 = very good
Care of Infant/Children
Please specify age range:
Care of Elderly N/A
Care of Disable N/A
General Housework
Type of Cooking: Chinese,Filipino
Name Dishes: Vegetarian food, stir fried vegetables, adobo, pastas, baked mac & cheese, fried chicken/ fish, vegetables & meat curry, baked cupcakes, fried noodles, spaghetti and more.
Language Skill: English
Language Skill: Mandarin

Additional Information

Areas of WorkWillingnessExperienceAssessment / Observation
Rate your skills: 1 = weak & 5 = very good
Child Care
Care of newborn baby (0-3 months)
Care of babies aged (4-12 months)
Care of children (1-5 years)
Care of children (6-10 years)
Care of children (Above 10 years)
Care of child with special needs
General Housework
Operate washing machine
Operate gas stove
Operate vacuum cleaner
Operate microwave oven

Work Experience

Name of Employer (1):N.A
Date (from − to):14/10/12 to Present
Country of Work:Singapore
Nationality / Race:Chinese
Language Used:English/ Chinese
Type of House:Condominium
Members in the family:2
Starting / Last Salary:450/600
Age of Children / Elderly:20 years old
Off day(s) given:1
Duties in detail:Doing house hold chores, washing the car, cooking
Reason for leaving:I want to work in other country.
Name of Employer (2):N.A
Date (from − to):2007 to 2012
Country of Work:Philippines
Nationality / Race:Filipino
Language Used:Tagalog
Type of House:Apartment
Members in the family:4
Starting / Last Salary:Empty
Age of Children / Elderly:6, 9 & 10 years old
Off day(s) given:
Duties in detail:housekeeping, cooking, look after kids
Reason for leaving:Applying to work in Singapore.

Preference of work

Care of babies
Care of children
Routine housework
Care of elderly

Message to the Employer

Dear Maam/ Sir, I am Melanie Banchiran, a Filipino raised in my beloved country the Philippines. I'm a Roman Catholic. I'm a graduate of a vocational course took up two years in Computer Science. We live in village and farming is our source of living. I'm the bread winner if the family that's why I work so hard for us to survive poverty in the Philippines.

Now I'm currently working to my good employer in Singapore for almost five years as a Domestic Helper. My duties are cooking, ironing, car washing, bedding, laundry, marketing, light sewing, preparing dinner for visitors ever Sunday.

Cooking is one of the most personal and intimate things I can do for someone. In this family, I'll serve vegetarian dishes because majority of them were vegetarian. I prepare vegetarian dishes like stir fried veggies, fried veggies, soup veggie, Italian pasta, baked mac, soup noodles, fried noodles and steamboat. I do basic baking too like making cupcakes, brownies and cookies.

I really love animals too especially dogs and I can say I'm dog lover. When it comes to childcare, I'm capable of taking good care of my nieces and nephews. I'm the one who sent and fetched them up from school. Help them to do their homework and projects as well.

If I would be given a chance to work in Norway, I will do my very best to be a responsible worker. I always got the eagerness to explore, learn and embrace your culture. My capabilities in my work experiences in five years here in Singapore were very functional for me to get my desirable job.

I'm hoping you'll choose me as your helper.

Respectfully yours
Melanie Banchiran