Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Ref No: 1459
NameDulatre Margarette Donarbe
Age20/02/1990/32 years old
Height167 cm
Weight63 kg
Marital StatusSingle
ReligionRoman Catholic
EducationCollege Graduate - 4-5 yrs
Number of Children0 Children
Off-days4 (day/month)
Expected Salary$0

Maid Introduction

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Dulatre Margarette Donarbe, Au Pair from the Philippines. She has experience in general household work like cleaning,laundry,ironing etc., she is responsible, confident and trustworthy. She has 0 children She Speaks English, Tagalog. She's can cook western, filipino dishes. She is good with babies. She is good with children. She is good with elderly. 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

She has acquired good nursing experience and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing in the Philippines. She is good in taking care of elderly and doing general house keeping duties.

Medical History/Dietary Restrictions

Allergies (if any)
Physical disabilities
Dietary restrictions

Past and existing illnesses (including chronic ailments and illnesses requiring medication):
1. Mental illness
2. Epilepsys
3. Asthma
4. Diabetes
5. Hypertension
6. Tuberculosis
7. Heart disease
8. Malaria
9. Operations
10. Other

Food Handling Preferences


Areas of WorkWillingnessExperienceAssessment / Observation
Rate your skills: 1 = weak & 5 = very good
Care of Infant/Children
Please specify age range:
Care of Elderly
Care of Disable
General Housework
Type of Cooking: Western,Filipino
Name Dishes: Soup, Pasta, Salad, Adobo, Curry Chicken, Sandwiches, Pancit, Tinola, Sinigang, Mushroom Soup
Language Skill: English
Language Skill: Tagalog

Additional Information

Areas of WorkWillingnessExperienceAssessment / Observation
Rate your skills: 1 = weak & 5 = very good
Child Care
Care of newborn baby (0-3 months)
Care of babies aged (4-12 months)
Care of children (1-5 years)
Care of children (6-10 years)
Care of children (Above 10 years)
Care of child with special needs
General Housework
Operate washing machine
Operate gas stove
Operate vacuum cleaner
Operate microwave oven

Work Experience

Name of Employer (1):N.A
Date (from − to):25/11/2015 - Present
Country of Work:Singapore
Nationality / Race:N/A
Language Used:English, Malay, Hokkien
Type of House:N/A - All Saints Home
Members in the family:N/A
Starting / Last Salary:730 SGD
Age of Children / Elderly:50 years old and above
Off day(s) given:4 + Public Holidays
Duties in detail:Bathe and groom the residents. Prepare, serve and feed meals to the residents. Assisting residents in in their activities of daily living. Monitoring residents mental and physical conditions.
Reason for leaving:N/A
Name of Employer (2):N.A
Date (from − to):20/04/2014 - 11/09/2015
Country of Work:Philippines
Nationality / Race:Filipino
Language Used:Tagalog
Type of House:Apartment
Members in the family:4
Starting / Last Salary:10000 pesos/ 12000 pesos
Age of Children / Elderly:74
Off day(s) given:4
Duties in detail:As a private nurse, she perform personal care duties like bathing,hygiene and grooming. Preparing of meals, Monitoring elderly's food and diet, Monitoring his vital signs and Escorting him to his doctor's appointment.
Reason for leaving:Finished Contract
Name of Employer (3):N.A
Date (from − to):01/03/2013 - 30/06/2013
Country of Work:Philippines
Nationality / Race:Filipino
Language Used:English, Tagalog
Type of House:N/A - Agoo Polyclinic
Members in the family:N/A
Starting / Last Salary:8000 pesos / 8000 pesos
Age of Children / Elderly:N/A
Off day(s) given:4
Duties in detail:As a nursing assistant in Agoo Polyclinic, she take vital signs for the patients. Provide basic care and treatment to the patients. Arrange schedules for patients' next appoinment and tests, as well as Keep the clinic clean and organized.
Reason for leaving:Her employer migrate to the USA.

Preference of work

Care of babies
Care of children
Routine housework
Care of elderly

Message to the Employer


Hello I'm Margarette Donarbe Dulatre. I'm from Philippines, Province of La Union. I was born on February 20, 1990. I came from a family of 4. I am the youngest in the family. My mother used to be a former Overseas Filipino Worker in Singapore and my father was also used to be an Overseas Filipino Worker in Korea. I have finished Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

I love to cook, watch Hollywood movies, hanging out with my friends ans co-workers during my spare time.

I have worked before as a Nurse Assistant in a clinic wherein I need to assist doctors especially if they have appointments with their patients. After that, I worked as a Private Nurse of a bedridden old lady for 1 year. Currently, I'm working in a Nursing Home as a Nursing Aid personnel wherein we need to take good care of old people, help them to eat, bathe, and help them with their daily activities.

I want to go to Norway because I want to experience working in other environment and I know that Norway will offer me new experiences and opportunities, and especially because Norway is a beautiful country and the citizens there are good and friendly.

To my future host, I hope that you will give me a chance to work with you. I'm a hardworking person who is willing to overcome challenges. I hope that someday I can be part of your family. I hope to see you soon.