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Chinese family looking for babycare

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Maidcity – #1 Maid Agency in Singapore

Maidcity serves as the #1 top maid agency in Singapore, showcasing the most competent domestic maids and nannies to meet the needs of individuals and families in Singapore. Maidcity is a one-stop hub for both the recruitment and the employment of skilled nannies, boosted by our agency’s embracement of efficient web technologies which make recruiting and finding the perfect maid for your home easier than ever before.

Superior Nanny Singapore Services

Established with the intention of making the recruitment and search for friendly, skilled maids a smooth process for workers and families, Maidcity has revolutionised Singapore’s maid and nanny services industry.

By utilising the latest and most efficient in web technologies, Maidcity allows individuals and families to search for their perfect maid or nanny in Singapore with several helpful features to quicken the process. Interested employers can browse a number of details relevant to each employer’s preferences in qualified maid services, including the differentiation of each maid based on:

  • Age
  • Country of origin
  • Religion
  • Language Capabilities
  • Marital Status
  • Education Level

In addition, our website search features reference photos and reference numbers for each worker. These allow employers to gain a personalised glance at the maid they may wish to employ and also allows employers to adequately find a worker that meets the needs of each individual household. The maids we showcase within our agency may also be identified within our search system based on need, whether as a temporary or urgent need worker for a household.

Maid in Singapore and Abroad

Showcasing efficient maids from several countries abroad as well as those originally based in Singapore, our employment agency allows equal opportunity for determined maids that have the drive to thrive as capable domestic workers in Singapore.

Domestic households in need of quality maid or nanny services can therefore browse our website’s gallery of skilled maids to find an ideal worker from either abroad or a local Singapore location.

Suppliers, recruited from several countries of origin, are employed within our agency to ensure that all workers brought from countries abroad are sufficiently trained, with all necessary arrangements made, to make our recruitment of maids from abroad an efficient and legitimate process. Finding a skilled maid from abroad or within Singapore to meet the needs of your residence has never been so easy, nor so reliable with several established service providers partnered with our agency to fill in any gaps of the process.

Furthermore, as you search our web-based pool of workers, you may click on the photos of each showcasednew maidto view additional information regarding each individual maid. This includes past experiences the worker may have performing maid or nanny services for households, the specific skills they possess as relevant to their work, a checklist overview of their medical history, and any additional details regarding their work experience and preferences for employment.


Myanmar Maid

Maidcity additionally showcases skilledmaids from Myanmarthat are employed within our agency. By utilising our efficient search options on our website or by calling our employment agency specialists, you can find a capable and hardworking Myanmar maid that will be able to perform the maid duties you need within your household.

Philippine Maid

Details of skilled maids and nannies from thePhilippinesare available for individuals and families to browse on our site. Our technologically-developed method of searching for your ideal maid online allows you to find an efficient worker by matching the needs of your household to the needs and skills of a specific worker we have employed with Maidcity.

Indonesian Maid

Prospective employers may search our pool ofmaids from Indonesia, who have been prepared and trained by our capable Madcity suppliers to provide superior maid and nanny services. From general housework duties to those that pertain specifically to elderly family members or infants, capable maids from Indonesia and other countries we recruit from can boast highly appealing qualifications to meet the needs of your household.

Transfer Maid

In addition to new maids, we also have within our agency a gallery of transfer maids with qualifications that are capable of meeting the needs of interested employers. These maids may similarly be from Singapore or abroad and have all relevant details pertaining to their service capabilities, as well as a reference photo for each maid herself, listed within each transfer maid’s profile.

Ourtransfer maidrecruitment and employment services are superior within the pool of maid services promoted in Singapore, as an agency that takes special care in preparing and training each one of the maids or nannies employed within our services.


Singapore’s Preferred Maid Employment Agency

Maidcity has been recognised as a trusted and preferred maid employment agency by both service providers and employers alike. As we are partnered with a number of reliable service providers to meet the needs of both our workers and employers, we are unique in the care we take to ensure sufficient completion of the entire maid recruitment and selection process.

These services offered by our partnered service providers include: documents submission to the MOM, insurance guarantees, medical check-ups for each worker, passport services, personal insurance for domestic workers, photo-taking and thumb-printing services, and more.

Maidcity works with employers step-by-step in order to ensure complete satisfaction with the process, as well as assistance that is fully dedicated to making your maid selection process an efficient one. By getting in touch with a Maidcity employment agency specialist, you can begin your efficient process of finding a maid that best suits the needs of your household as well as those living within it.

We strive to make the search and hiring of your ideal maid as hassle-free as possible. If you are a prospective employer looking for a trusted and capable maid service to assist you in finding the perfect maid for your household, we are the agency for you.


Call Now For Your Perfect Maid Services

As a prospective employer of a highly-qualified and skilled maid, Maidcity allows you to search for your ideal maid at your convenience and in your own time.Call todayto get started with our superior Maidcity maid and nanny services.

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